Welcome To Our Sanctuary

“The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse” ~ Unknown

**Under Construction – A New Site Coming

Secure A Future

The care we provide to the Colonial Spanish Horses today will help to secure their future for generations to come.  If you are inspired, please donate today.

Our Mission

” To promote the preservation of the Colonial Spanish Horse and other heritage animals.  The Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary recognizes the need to protect, perpetuate such breeds, educate the community, and increase public awareness.” 

“Documentary”Ambassador to the Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary and one of the favorite stallions!

Coming from a line of great Mustangs, he continues to be one who all look forward to seeing.  A stunning guy.

AmazonSmile graciously donates to our organization! Every time you shop be sure to have Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary listed as your choice and they will give a percentage to our organization on all qualified purchases. 



Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary

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