The Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary is located in Southeastern Oklahoma and helps to preserve the Colonial Spanish Horses, also known as Oklahoma’s Heritage Horse.  The sanctuary is grateful to our “Pasture Supporters” which currently total seven who have made their properties available to the horses.  Our organization is made up of a Board of Directors who volunteer their time, finances, and efforts into the mission of preserving the Colonial Spanish Horse. 

The Mustangs we help to care for have a history filled with resilience.  The breed is famous for their endurance, spirit, and bonding nature.  These herds are made up of Choctaw/Cherokee/Huesteca bloodlines as well as Gilbert Jones Southwest Spanish lines. 

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 Gilbert H. Jones and Bryant Rickman

We strive to provide the horses with as natural of habitat as possible.  When you visit our properties, you won’t find stables, barns, and all the other type outbuildings you may see at other horse touring locations.  These Mustangs received their independence and stamina from generations of capable, beautiful ancestors who ran the Blackjack Mountains for many years.

The OHHS horses are checked on daily to make sure they are healthy and happy.  Our goal is to secure a future for these majestic creatures for generations to come.

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