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What We Do

Visitation Tours

If you haven't been here to visit the Colonial Spanish Horses you don't know what you are missing!

One of our initiatives is to raise awareness to our efforts and there is no better way than to welcome you as a visitor.

All pastures designated for the OHHS use are located in Southeast Oklahoma.  We do offer horse tours for those who wish to see these unique treasures.  The purest Choctaw/Cherokee/Huesteca bloodlines in the State of Oklahoma are a big attraction for photographers, and horse enthusiasts.  You may be familiar with the Choctaw ponies, once on the brink of extinction were saved and still can seen in their historical location.  Known for their endurance and stamina, the Choctaw horses were part of the film "Hildago." 


We help in providing the care and love these horses need.  We do this in a natural environment allowing the horses to get as close to freedom as possible. 

During the spring and summer months, you will find the horses happily grazing the pastures which have been donated for just this purpose.  The horses receive hay and feed during the winter months.  The horses are checked on daily by Bryant, who travels from one pasture to another, making sure all are accounted for, and the horses are healthy and happy.

When you arrive for your visit with these unique horses, you won't find stables, barns filled with equipment, or even restrooms.  What you will find are pastures dotted with the most colorful, beautiful, and soul-catching horses you've ever seen.

If you are looking for a chance to observe and possibly lay hands on one of America's greatest treasures, the Colonial Spanish Mustang, make your reservation today.  It is an experience you will hold on to forever!

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