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Who We Are

Frequent Questions

  1. How long has the Oklahoma Heritage Horse Sanctuary been here?

    We received our IRS 501C3 Non-profit designation in 2014.

  2. What type of horses do you care for?

    We care for the Colonial Spanish Horse/Mustangs. They are more recognizable by the term Spanish Mustang. We have the largest, purest bloodlines in the United States. The horses in our care are made up of the Gilbert Jones Southwest Spanish lines as well as the Rickman Spanish Mustangs Choctaw/Cherokee/Huesteca bloodlines.

  3. Where did the horses come from?

    The horses ran on Blackjack Mountain in the Kiamichi Hills of Southeast Oklahoma for many years. In February 2007 the timber companies chose not to renew any livestock leases and the horses were removed. Due to the number of horses we care for we have five pasture supporters who have generously provided their land for the horses to graze.

  4. What is the history of these horses?

    The Colonial Spanish Mustangs in our care are descendents of those brought to America by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 1500’s. Those in our care have been DNA tested and show to have the purest genetic markers in the United States. Gilbert Jones and Bryant & Darlene Rickman are credited for saving these horses from extinction.

  5. Are these BLM horses?

    No, these horses are not BLM horses (Bureau of Land Management). The horses we help support are pure lines. We do not have any BLM horses on the pastures we use.

  6. How do you support the horses?

    The horses do not receive any federal or state funding. The only financial support is through fundraisers, donations, tourism, and OHHS items sold.

  7. Are you a tax-exempt entity?

    Yes, your donation to the OHHS may be a tax deductible contribution under the Internal Revenue Service laws. Our EIN is 47-1869442.

  8. Do you own the property the horses are located on?

    No, the OHHS owns no property. We have pasture supporters who graciously allow the horses we support to graze their lands. Our dream is to one day own a large enough parcel of land where all the horses we care for can be relocated to. This will reduce the amount of miles traveled to care for as well as maintenance.

  9. How do you use my donation?

    All donations received are used for the needs of the horses in our care. Unless you designate a particular way you wish your donation to be used it will go toward the purchase of feed, hay, mineral blocks or other necessary items to keep the horses safe and healthy.

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